Client & Designer, a love story.

I've recently been asked to create logo options for a new dessert-centric venture that will cater to young, active adults. The name of this business specifies a theme that allows for endless metaphors; a dream for any thoughtful graphic designer. I dove into this project with my typical zeal. I over delivered with 10 solid ideas... any one of which were either ready to go or very close to being fully formed. The nature of the relationship required that I send the ideas to the client and wait for their feedback. Unusual but necessary.

The response came back as a JPG. Well, I say JPG. I mean, horrific example of pandering design. It was something they had found via a google image search. It was styled after a vintage, hand painted sign from their youth.

I had to tell the truth. It's a very real, and often hard truth the get across. The notion that I'm not designing for their sensibilities. I'm designing for their customer base... their target market. Which happened to be profiled as a tech savvy customer that is inundated with all things hipster and vintage. To stand out, their business needed to, you know... stand out.

This is still in progress, but rest assured I will let you know how it plays out. The Client/Designer relationship is a never-ending journey marked with wins and losses.

I'll always hold out for the real thing.

New website.

Alright, my new site is live. Mostly the same work. But brand new platform. I needed something that would be truly responsive. Google forced my hand. I say that, but truth be told this was long overdue. The platform I had been using did not offer responsive templates. That was simply untenable. It was like they got caught flatfooted; their attention diverted after being purchased by a company with other priorities. Anyway. I might give them another look once they launch their next phase. I couldn't wait any longer. 

I wish I could get my own team to build my site. Sundaram design. We have the best developers I've ever been around. They can code anything we design. It's such an assured confident feeling having them on our team. But I digress. 

This site remains important because it maintains my professional reputation and shows my work in a simplified setting that still brings in business. Personal brands are important, particularly if you're selling creativity and expertise. So here it is. Take a look around. Pardon my dust.